Legislative Director in the Texas House of Representatives

Photographer and Videographer

Beyond the lens she is a music lover and a social worker in Austin, Texas. Her empathy and adventurous spirit shine through her work, which captures candid and unexpected moments of bliss.


Rachel Piotrzkowski knows there are no problems too big to understand or solve when motivated citizens get involved and work together. She is an activist fighting for civil rights for all, and she demonstrates every day what a more engaged democracy looks like. In 2016, Rachel travelled the country filming the documentary What’s Next about the progressive revolution reshaping American politics.


Her passion for capturing hearts and minds carries into her professional photography services for everything from weddings to music videos.


Rachel serves as Legislative Director for State Representative Armando Walle in the Texas House of Representatives where she worked tirelessly to successfully pass affordable housing legislation for the benefit of working Texans. Rachel holds a Bachelors in Social Work from Texas State University and is often found on the front lines of the American social justice revolution, usually with her camera in hand.

Rachel Pearl Piotrzkowski